Who is your favorite scientist ?

Many people born in India have a creditable sphere of knowledge. Keeping up with the pace of the advancing technology, Indians have contributed significantly in the field of science. Due to the meticulous efforts and commendable talents, the Indian scientists are celebrated worldwide for their contributions to the world of science.

Well! Herein, we bring to you the tale of those unsung heroes, who have not only made Indians proud but have also stunned the world by their eminent knowledge and scientific research.

1. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

The legendary missile man of India, Dr. Kalam was a great scientist who became the President of India and is awarded Bharat Ratna for his scientific work. Dr. Kalam not only initiated the Missile Programme in India but also led the Pokhran II nuclear tests. With myriads of scientific inventions and plethora of accolades, Dr. Kalam remains to be an inspiration for all Indians. Hailing from a small family in Tamil Nadu, Dr. Kalam earned an exceptional reputation nationwide. Apart from strengthening the nuclear power of India, he emphasized on the betterment of the nation through the improvement in the mindsets of people. He has several books like, The Ignited Minds, his autobiography Wings of Fire and many more under his name.


2. Dr. C.V Raman

In 1930, Dr. Chandrashekhara Venkatesh Raman received a Nobel Prize for his distinguished research in the field of acoustics and light. His research regarding the Raman Effect and other postulates of the theory is highly commendable. He had a substantial interest in physiology of eye too. He is renowned for his traditional attire and ‘no drinking rule’ as he did not take champagne even when his colleagues insisted him after he received the Nobel Prize. He held the post of director in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for a long term.


3. Dr. Venkatraman Ramakrishna

This Indian-born molecular biologist and physicist received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the year 2009 for his praiseworthy work regarding the atomic structure and function of ribosome; the protein synthesizing cell organelle. He possess the dual citizenship from the US and Great Britain. He has remarkable contributions in the field of science. He lays emphasize upon the importance of good education for overall development of a human being.


4.  Dr. Subramanyam Chandrashekhar

Born in Lahore in the year 1910, Dr. Subramanyam Chandrashekhar received a Nobel Prize in the year 1983 for his distinguished work in astrophysics. This eminent astrophysicist formulated the theories related to the development of stars and formation of a ‘white dwarf’ with brilliantly dazzling luminescence.


5.  Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

This distinguished Indian physicist and industrialist is renowned for his pioneering role in space research and nuclear power development in the nation. Hailing from a family of industrialists, he completed his degree in natural science from the University of Cambridge. Later he did laudable research in the field of cosmic rays. He was also involved the establishment of Indian Space Research Organization and therefore, he is better known as the father of Indian Space Research Programme.

6. Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhabha

This nuclear physicist was amongst the founding members of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He is regarded as the father of Indian Nuclear Programme because of his considerable achievements in the field of nuclear physics. This distinguished theoretical physicist is renowned for his work on cosmic rays. He also had a pivotal role in the establishment of Atomic Energy Commission 1948 and Department of Atomic Energy in the year 1954.

7. Dr. Kamala Sohonie

Having suffered the gender discrimination, this genius lady emerged as an eminent scientist thus, disregarding the then Indian notion that women can’t pursue science. She was the first lady to pursue her Ph. D in a scientific discipline. In Cambridge, she discovered that each and every plant tissue has an enzyme called ‘Cytochrome C’ which is responsible for the oxidation of the cell. She is well-known for her pioneering work regarding the nutritional value of ‘Neera’ or the palm nectar from certain species of toddy palms.


8.  Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bose

Sir Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bose was a distinguished scientist known for his commendable work in field of biology. Apart from his keen interest in botany which led to the invention of crescograph, an instrument used to measure growth in plants; he is distinguished worldwide for his countless discoveries and he is regarded as one of the founding fathers of Radio Science. He was a legendary physicist who led to the birth of wireless telecommunications.


9.  Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose

Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose is renowned worldwide for his exceptional work in the field of Quantum Physics. He has notably contributed in the ‘Bose-Einstein Theory’. Due to his scrupulous efforts, he has a worldwide reputation and has an atomic particle ‘Boson’ after his name. Notably, boson particles could be used to prepare super-fluids and transmission of energy without any loss in future.


10.  Dr. Maharani Chakravorty

Dr. Maharani Chakravorty is an eminent molecular biologist. Her noteworthy pioneering efforts in 1981, led to the beginning of the first laboratory course in Recombinant DNA Techniques. Due to her distinguished efforts in both research and teacher, she was awarded with Professor Darshan Ranganathan Memorial Award in the year 2007.


It is notable that these Indian scientists are the source of inspiration for the coming generations. The contributions of these reputed scientists instill the motivation to unleash the scientific mysteries in future.


Who is your favorite scientist ?

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