The recent Achievements of ISRO that astonished the World !!!


Headquartered in Bengaluru, the Indian Space Research Organization under the Department of Space, India; is constantly associated to research over the aspects of space, extraterrestrial life, satellite navigation etc. Being the workplace of the eminent scientists of India like, Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and many more; ISRO has made the remarkable achievements in the field of scientific research not only making the Indians proud but also surprising the world upon the potential of the combined efforts and perseverance of Indian scientists and engineers.

Here is the list of random six exceptional achievements of ISRO which not only made Indians feel proud but also surprised the world.

1. 104 satellites launched at one go by ISRO – A world Record by ISRO

Sriharikota: People watch as as a rocket from Space agency Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) takes off successfully to launch a record 104 satellites, including India’s earth observation satellite on-board PSLV-C37 from the spaceport of Sriharikota.

In February 2017, ISRO flabbergasted the world via establishing a world record by launching 104 satellites from the Sriharikota Space Station in Andhra Pradesh. It is notable that it took less than 52 minutes for the mission. With a payload of 1378kg, all the satellites were launched from a single rocket PSLV XL. In this mission, rocket launched Cartosat-2 which is a remote-sensing aircraft whose images are useful for road network monitoring, costal land navigation and many more functions. The other co-passengers of Cartosat-2 include, INS-1A, INS-1B along with foreign satellites from the US, Kazakhstan, Israel, Netherlands, UAE and Switzerland. 96 nano-satellites which were launched belonged to the two US companies. This historic moment marked a victory of India in the space research thereby, adding to the credibility of our renowned ISRO.


2. Indian version of GPS system-  NAVIC

In 1999, during the Kargil War against Pakistan; India was denied the use of the Global Positioning System of the US on the account that Kargil War was the problem of India. In the year 2016, ISRO completed the constellation of the navigation satellites by launching the last IRNSS-1G. Now, India not only possesses the native Indian Navigation System but has also reduced its dependency on the GPS of the US. This was a crucial moment for India as finally, India completed the motive of indigenous navigation system, the NAVIC and now India does not need any support from other nations in terms of navigation.


3.  Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)


In September 2014, India launched the Mangalyaan to search the extraterrestrial life on Mars. It is notable that India dubbed the Mangalyaan in the first attempt successfully. However, the more surprising act is the budget of MOM. It was found that India launched the Mars Orbiter Mission at cheap rates. Only $74 million was the cost of India’s interplanetary mission on Mars which is about ten times lower than the NASA’s Maven Mars Mission which utilized $671 million.


4.  Mission PSLV-C28 – Making India proud globally.


It is praiseworthy that ISRO is amongst the most reliable space agencies in launching the commercial mission. The PSLV-C28 has successfully launched the five satellites of UK which collectively weighs over 1440 kg. In the year 2015, this Indian rocket with height of 44.4 metres and weight of around 320 tonnes was launched from the launch pad of Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh with five UK satellites on-board. It is notable that India has launched around 51 foreign satellites on the PSLV mission till now.


5  Chandrayaan – The major milestone.

Chandrayaan is the Indian Lunar Exploration Programme. The Chandrayaan-I mission was launched in the year 2008 via the PSLV-XL rocket. The most interesting findings of this mission which astounded the world included the discovery of the traces of water on the surface of the Moon. It is expected that Chandrayaan II will be launched in the year 2018.

6. GLSV- MK3 – The most ambitious human mission of ISRO.

This is the module which will take ISRO to new heights. It is notable that India will emerge amongst the Space Cruising Nations by 2020 capable of taking humans to space. Apart from this, ISRO is planning to upgrade GLSL-MK3 to GLSL-MK4 which will have the capability to lift 6.5 tonnes instead of 4 tonnes.


These are many other outstanding and noteworthy achievements of ISRO and because of the intelligent minds working efficiently we can expect many more from ISRO which will be adding to the credibility of the organization thereby, making India proud.


Early Days of ISRO

Pictures Courtesy : Thank you ISRO 


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