Yogh (Yoga) : The bridge from the physical existence to the inner strength. Must Read.


In the today’s world of technological advancements, we are often surrounded by electronic gadgets which provide us a luxurious life and our movements of body seem to be restricted. Apart from this, the increasing pollution levels in our environment are also a root cause of the disorders and diseases which attack and disrupt our body functions.

Yoga emerges as a one-stop solution to all our problems. Yoga is the ancient Indian technique of exercising described in our Vedas. Following the maxim-“Prevention is better than cure”; Yoga helps to maintain the metabolic balance of the body thus, preventing the disorders.

Herein, we bring to you some benefits of yoga which will compel you to practice this wonderful healing technique.


1.  Yogh keeps your body Calm.

This is the most basic concept of yoga. Yoga yields a ‘placebo effect’ thus, calming down the vibrations emerging from the body. Practice of yoga relaxes the mind, body and soul. Apart from this, yoga sets a routine for the day and lifts up the mood. The crankiness of the sleep is replaced by active, refreshed mind. It is considered as the best to practice yoga in the ambiance of natural environment amidst fresh air.

2. Yogh Strengthen your bones and muscles.

Yoga tends to increase the flexibility in body. During the workout, the muscles efficiently contract and relax. Therefore, the muscle fibers strengthen up. Yoga also regulates the production of cortical hormone which strengthens the bones by the means of calcium and other essential minerals.

3. Yogh Maintains adequate blood flow in body.


It is notable that our vital organs like brain, kidneys etc require a requisite amount of oxygen to function. This oxygen is transported all over the body via oxygenated blood coming from the heart. Yoga helps to maintain the adequate flow of blood in the body thus, facilitating the proper functioning of our vital organs.

4. Yogh regulates blood pressure.

Apart from maintaining the blood flow in our body, yoga helps in regulating the blood pressure. Yoga is extremely beneficial for the people suffering from hypertension as yoga helps to lower down the systolic and diastolic pressures of the blood. It was recently published that workout helps to build up several collateral blood vessels near the heart which could later take over the functions of cardiac blood vessels in case of any damage in those vessels.

5. Yogh reduces the risk of type II diabetes.

Yoga helps in maintaining the level of insulin hormone which is responsible for regulating the blood sugar level in the body. Due to hormonal imbalance, many a times beta-cells of Islets of Langherhans in Pancreas do not secrete requisite amount of insulin however, yoga helps in maintenance of the hormonal secretions of the endocrine glands thereby, maintain the glucose level in the blood and hence, preventing diabetes.

6. Yogh boosts Up Immunity.

Yoga helps to build up the innate immunity of the body. Well! If you practice yoga regularly, you tend to observe that you develop resistance towards the seasonal allergies, viral infections, cold etc. Apart from this, yoga is also beneficial in reducing the inflammation. According to a recent study, yoga can also affect the phenomenon of gene expression.

7. Yogh protects your Spine.

Yoga helps in strengthening the backbone of the body. It is also efficient in mitigating the pain in the lower portion of the spine. According to a research done by a group of Taiwanese scientists, people who practice yoga have less degenerated vertebral discs when compared to their counterparts not practicing yoga.

8. Yogh prevents heart diseases.

Yoga yields a healthy heart. The development f any heart disease is a consequence of hypertension, high cholesterol levels, high glucose level in blood and above all a sedentary lifestyle. Around 70 research papers prove that yoga helps to cut down the possibilities of heart failure and stroke.

9. Yogh Treats Depression.

Yoga helps to mitigate the anxiety and depression for those patients on whom anti-depressants show partial effect. In 2007, the UCLA researchers discovered this use of yoga. Apart from this, Lisa Uebelacker, a psychologist at Brown University is currently working on a large trail with an aim t establish yoga as a therapy for treating depression.

10. Yogh Keeps you young.

It is notable that Yoga helps to maintain the length of the telomeres present in the DNA. Basically, , the telomeres tend to reduce in size as cells divide and finally, the cells stop further divisions thereby, leading to programmed-aging of the cells. On the other hand, yoga maintains the length of telomeres throughout thus, delaying the process of aging.


Thus, we found that yoga serves as a significant tool promoting a blissful life. Apart from this, yoga is extremely easy to practice. A consistent devotion of half an hour everyday could help you achieve good health. All you require is the motivational spirit to begin with. Kim Innes, a Kundalini Yoga Practitioner and clinical associate professor at University of Virginia, reported that 80% of the people, who feel that they can’t practice yoga, later experience the benefits via a relaxed, calm body. Thus, yoga is easily accessible for all and most importantly, it is equipped with plethora of fascinating benefits.


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