She is Dr. Seema Rao- India’s deadliest women commander.

The courageous daughter of Professor Ramakant Sinari, an underground rebel who fought against Portuguese in Goa, Dr. Seema Rao is surely a ‘Wonder Woman’. She is an exemplary combination of beauty and brains. Notably, courage is in her blood and hence, she is capable of facing all kinds of difficulties in her life be it physical disability or monetary crisis. Dr. Seema Rao is surely a super woman and incredible amalgamation of intelligence, perseverance and of course, valor.

This versatile lady is a certified doctor with a degree in medicine and the first woman commando trainer in India. And what not, she is specialized trainer of Jeet Kune Do amongst other nine other women experts in the world. Well! Let me tell you that Jeet Kune Do is a unique martial art developed by Bruce Lee in 1960s.

Born in Mumbai, in early age Dr. Seema Rao was a simple, shy girl but with passage of time eventually, she emerged into an arduously strong lady inspiring plethora of other girls who are not able to follow their dreams. Apart from a degree in medicine, Dr. Rao is a qualified fire-fighter, professional scuba driver, 7th degree black belt military martial arts, HMI gold medalist in Rock Climbing, combat shooter and commando trainer. She has a MBA degree in Crisis Management and she has been serving in army as a commando trainer along with her husband for 20 years without compensation since 1996.

Talking about her personal life, she is married to Major Deepak Rao. The duo has gained proficiency in Close Quarter Battle (CBQ) training. Due to her demanding training schedule she was not able to attend her father’s funeral. Since it was difficult for Dr. Rao to carry on with pregnancy, the couple planned to adopt a girl child. It is motivational especially in today’s era wherein gender discrimination and female foeticide are prominent nationwide.

Being the female protagonist in the male dominated field of commando training, Dr. Rao had to face many challenges as the commandos tend not to accept a female teacher however, with her capabilities she has managed to gain respect amongst her students. She along with her husband has gained expertise in successfully implementing and imparting knowledge about their self-patented ‘The Rao System of Reflex Fire’, a methodology of shooting at close quarters which is more efficient than conventional shooting.

Once she suffered Amnesia due to Head Injury and doctors were unsure if she could regain her strength but she challenged all the odds of her medical condition and emerged victorious by not only regaining her strength but also reverting back to martial art lifestyle. Notable she was mercilessly shot by insurgents that led to a vertebral fracture but thanks to her willpower, she not only got well but reverted to fulfill her aim to train the soldiers and serve the nation. Till now she has trained more than 10,000 soldiers who guard us at the borders. Her contribution in terms of Defence and Indian Armed Forces makes us speechless. A salute to her!

Apart from this, she has authored and co-authored numerous books along with her husband. Some of the books authored by her are The Art of Success, Handbook of World Terrorism, Mind Range, Terrorism: A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism, and many more.

She has many accolades under her name due to her mesmerizing struggle of life. Few accolades received by her are World Peace Award by World Peace Congress, Malaysia awarded by the Prime Minister of Malaysia for contribution to the country in 2008, and US President’s Volunteer Service Award. Apart from this, she has three Army Chief Citations, Home Minister of India Letter of Commendation in 2009 placing on record the selfless National service in the field of close quarter battle training, and 1000 felicitations from Indian government.

Well! We have something more to tell. She contested for the Mrs. India Beauty Pageant. Now, you get the fact that she is a unique combination of beauty, valor and intellect of course. She is an avid singer too. She has a melodious voice and she prefers singing in her leisure time.

Truly said, a woman is a deity in disguise. A woman is an incarnation of Goddess Durga (Shakti) on account of strength, Goddess Saraswati on account of knowledge and Goddess Lakshmi on account of prosperity and satisfaction; and upon close observation I find Dr. Seema Rao and ideal woman. She not only deserves respect and accolades but in reality, she deserves much more also. Her willpower, and perseverance are exceptional and worth appreciating. Beyond doubt, “Our self-confidence increase our innate strength and help us all the ups and downs of life.”

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